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Τρίτη 10 Μαρτίου 2015

The Maze (Mini Update)


The Maze (Mini Update)

What's new!!
- Fixed a bug with full HD screen resolutions
- Fixed the achievements and added the Tunnel
- Changed the end-game layout for better use experience
- Removed the in-app billing license, as there is nothing sold at the moment

Previous Update
- New awesome and easier map!!
- Now, you can play all 3 maps in 2 different modes!
- 4 new leaderboards to compete with your friends
- You can now move backwards, with the new "Back" Button
- Upgraded menu
- Fixed a bug with the keys

"The Maze" is a first person maze game. Get in the maze find your way through different 2 different modes. Collect gems and buy better and more awesome stuff. Find the keys and escape from the maze. Are you good enough to survive and overcome the difficulties? Search for trophies and collect as much as you can for bigger earnings. Unlock Power-ups so that you can run through the maze and solve the puzzles quicker so that you can escape.

The modes of "The Maze":

- Time Challenge
- Survival
- Scary Maze(Coming soon)

The Scary Survival Maze mode is in testing and will be added soon!

The game is still in beta version and more awesome stuff will be added soon. Check it out and...Enjoy!!

"The Maze" has been brought to you by Coffee Studios.

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