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Παρασκευή 13 Μαρτίου 2015

Click me (Graphics update)

A brand new game by Coffee Studios!! Check it out before it becomes mainstream :)


Graphics Update!!!

- New improved graphics
- New AWESOME fonts!!
- Fixed a bug with highscore
- Added some more sounds

Click me! Click ME!! CLICK ME!!! 
The game that will piss you off and still love it and play it when you find some free time!! Compete with your friends for the top places of the leaderboard. Click me is an awesome game for killing your timing and having fun at the same time! Click me is prototype game, and we hope you enjoy yourselves playing it. If you think that the "Lost" button was annoying, you haven't played Click me yet :)

It is the first version of "Click Me!!" and more awesome stuff will be added soon. Enjoy!!

"Click Me!!" has been brought to you by Coffee Studios.


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