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Σάββατο 2 Ιουλίου 2016

New Game: Cube Gone Crazy!

Cube Gone Crazy!
Wowww!! That is a crazy crazy cube! Test your reaction speed and your concentration while trying to manage a crazy cube. It seems like an innocent box, but it is more than this. It is trying to mess with yor head. If you are not carefull at top speed, the cube will start spinning like crazy!
It is spinning and spinning when it goes crazy and it is slowwing down if it likes you. Do not forget the time bar that is burning down or you will lose the cube. It seems easy but be carefull though. While the cube is getting crazy, it will make YOU go crazy.
Find the secret levels and find all the possible colour combinations. Gather bonuses to boost and increase your score rapidly. It is an easy game you can play at home, at bus, in toilet, on the beach, or wherever you like, and it is a great game to pass your time with.
Cube Gone Crazy is a new game and all the feedback is welcome. More to come soon!!
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